Customs: CBIC extends the exemption from 31/03/2024 to 30/09/2024 by amending following 33 notifications (30.01.2024)


CBIC extends the exemption from 31/03/2024 to 30/09/2024 by amending following 33 notifications

(refer attached excel file for publishing)

Customs Notification No. 07/2024 dated 29.01.2024
Sr.No Customs Notification No and Date Exemption to
1 16/1965 dated 23.01.1965 Good exported to foreign countries for display in show-rooms of Government of India
2 80/1970 dated 29.08.1970 Free warranty – articles supplied as replacement for defective ones
3 46/1974 dated 25.05.1974 Pedagogic materials for educational or vocatinal traning purposes.
4 246/1976 dated 02.08.1976 Precious stones-imported by post on “approval or return” basis.
5 207/1989 dated 17.08.1989 Foodstuffs and provisions, imported by foreigners.
6 134/1994 dated 22.06.1994 Goods imported for carrying out repairs, reconditioning, reengineering, testing, caliberation or maintenance (including services).
7 147/1994 dated 13.07.1994 Fire arms and ammunitions by a renowned shot.
8 148/1994 dated 13.07.1994 Specified free gifts, donations, relief and rehabilitation material imported by charitable organisations. Red CrossSociety, CARE and Government of India.
9 151/1994 dated 13.07.1994 Aircraft equipment, engines and spare parts, specified catering and ground equipments, fuel in tanks of aircraftand lubricating oil imported by Indian Airlines, United Arab Airlines and Indian Air Force.I
10 152/1994 dated 13.07.1994 Imports for handicapped persons, charitable or social welfare purposes and research or educational programmes.
11 153/1994 dated 13.07.1994 Goods of foreign origin imported for repairs and return -Theatrical equipments including costumes   imported by visiting foreign troupes, pontoons for speedy loading and unloading of imported goods -Photographic, filming audio, video and radio equipments and tapes imported for short films, feature films and documentaries, goods for mountaineering expeditions.
12 39/1996 dated 23.07.1996 Imports relating to defence, internal security forces and Air Force.
13 50/1996 dated 23.07.1996 Specified equipment, instruments, raw materials,omponents, pilot plant and computer software when imported for R & D projects
14 51/1996 dated 23.07.1996 Research equipment imported by public funded and non-commercial research institutions and I.I.T. ,Regional cancer institutes etc.
15 25/1998 dated 02.06.1998 Exemption to effective rate of duty for the goods under chapter 70, 84, 85 and 90
16 25/1999 dated 28.02.1999 Concessional rate of duty on goods imported for the manufacture of excisable goods
17 97/1999 dated 21.07.1999 Gold Bars
18 25/2002 dated 01.03.2002 Capital goods imported for use by IT/Electronics industry
19 113/2003 dated 22.07.2003 Castor oil cake and castor de-oiled cake manufatured from indigenous castor oil seeds on indigenous Plant and Machinery by Unit in SEZ and brought to DTA
20 30/2004 dated 28.01.2004 Seccond hand computers /computer peripherals including printer,plotter,scanner ,monitor,keyboard and storage unit received as donation by schools ,other public or charitable institutions
21 45/2005 dated 16.05.2005 Special Additional duties of customs to goods cleared from SEZ and brought to any other place in India
22 81/2005 dated 8.09.2005 Exemption on effective rate of duty on machinery/components for initial setting up of power generation project using non conventional materials
23 102/2007 dated 14.09.2007 Exemption from special CVD to all good imported for subsequent sale when IGST CGST SGST/UTGST paid by importer.
24 26/2011 dated 01.03.2011 Works of art, antiques in a museum or art gallery imported for public exhibition
25 23/2016 dated 01.03.2016 Exemption on effective rate of duty on Parts of Aircraft Imported under standard exchange scheme
26 05/2017 dated 2.02.2017 Machinary, equpments, apparatus, components and appliances for initial setting up of fuel cell based system for generation of power or for demonstration purposes or for balance of systems operating on biogas or bio-methane or by-product hydrogen
27 16/2017 dated 20.04.2017 Specified drugs and medicines supplied free of cost to patients under Patient Assistance Programme of specified company for Goods under Chapter 30.
28 29/2017 dated 30.06.2017 Specimen, models, wall pictures and diagrams for instructional purposes.
29 30/2017 dated 30.06.2017 Motion pictures, music, gaming software for use on gaming consoles printed or recored on media.
30 32/2017 dated 30.06.2017 Art works created abroad by Indian artist and sculptures, antiques books more than 100 years old.
31 37/2017 dated 30.06.2017 Imports relating to Defence and internal security forces.
32 49/2017 dated 30.06.2017 SAD on goods in Fourth schedule to central excise act
33 52/2017 dated 30.06.2017 Good under Chapter 27 (Mineral fuels, mineral oils, etc)


[Notification No 7/2024 – Custom]

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