Labour Law Compliance Audit

Audit and Assurance

Stringent Labour Law conditions have felt the necessity to introduce the Core Labour Codes which is in pipeline. However, at present there are number of labour laws as well as other laws of which different compliances has to be made. Independent directors have to be satisfied about the compliance, since they are personally held responsible for non-compliances and hence it is utmost important to have the compliance audit.

Labour law compliance refers to a set of accepted terms or conditions of employment. It refers to several regulatory compliances including Minimum Wages Act, Compensation Act, Contract Labour Act, Factories Act etc. There are various Laws and Acts that the business needs to comply with to avoid non-compliances. There are laws at Central & State government level and there are State Government laws applicable to a business. We are having expertise in the following audits w.r.t. Labour Law Compliance:

Health Check-up Audit

  • Review of business and type of industry.
  • Confirmation of applicability of various 60 laws.
  • Obtaining required information and scrutiny of records.
  • Verification & Review of the records and returns filed under various applicable laws.
  • Listing of Non-Compliances under each applicable laws & impact thereof
  • Detailed Audit Report on observation & compliances of non-compliances to ensure your company to be 100% compliant.

Industries We Serve

Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Industry
Automobile Industry
Engineering Industry
Agriculture Industry
Software Industry