Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution


The most effective and popular means or techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution[ADR] in India and countries worldwide, are the following: Arbitration, mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation.Arbitration is the most suited dispute resolution system and a quick mean of redressal.

Alternate dispute resolution mechanism was incorporated to have a speedy and out of court fair and efficient settlement of disputes where the parties to the transaction seek an amicable settlement of that dispute by recourse to these ADR systems. There are alternatives to litigation, most of which fall under the general category of “Alternative Dispute Resolution.” Two of the most common options are mediation and arbitration. ADR helps to reduce or minimize the burden of full litigation.

Firm has practice in arbitration related litigation. With a dedicated team of Advocates, the Firm has capacity to provide a complete range of professional services. The Firm provides all aspects right from invocation of arbitration to finally defending and challenging the arbitral awards in courts. Further Arbitration team of the Firm is also actively involved in creating public awareness about alternative dispute mechanisms.

Firm provides the following services:

  • Providing Arbitration, mediation and conciliation services to the client.
  • Filing petition for Appointment of arbitrator.
  • Challenging arbitral awards.
  • Execution and enforcement of awards
  • Drafting and review of arbitration clauses in contracts, arbitration agreements, notices, statement of claim, rejoinders, interim applications, replies, affidavits and other legal documentation.
  • Representations before all courts, tribunals, forums, with respect to disputes arising out of non-compliance of arbitration clauses in an agreement.
  • Advisory services provided to the client pertaining to alternative dispute resolution laws and procedures.

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