Accountants are believed to be custodians for the company. It is business need that the Accountants should provide value added services to the business and need analytical approach in providing timely MIS to the management. This is possible only if your Core Accountants are relieved from their routine accounting functions. We function as Back Office support for the complete accounting functions. The services are custom designed to suit your services.

The Accounting Services include services towards:

  • Regular Accounting – Updation of accounting entries to get the desired ledger and Trial Balance
  • Accounts Payable Processing – invoice management and tracking of payment schedules
  • Accounts Receivable Processing – invoice account and tracking of receipts including ageing analysis
  • Sales Tax Form Follow-up and records – Tracking of various forms to be issued for Tax concessions, issue of the various forms online, etc.
  • Preparation and Filing of various Return, Forms etc – compilation of required data, filling up the required data, generation of the various returns and forms
  • Processing of Employee reimbursements – Checking the claims with the reimbursement policies of the company, obtaining the necessary approvals and forwarding for final payments
  • Centralized Document Processing – Any documentation support for data entry, vendor registration, Back Office support for documentation / Reconciliation / Vendor follow-up, etc

The services can be in any of the following modes:

Deputation of resource at your office
We understand customer’s requirement for the type of resource and deploy the resource at customers end. The resource would be utilizing the customer’s infrastructure for undertaking the accounting operations. He will work according to customer priorities and requirements. The work undertaken by the resource is shared with the customer in online mode.

Offsite support
Source documents need to be shared by customer through e-mode. The necessary access to company server and system needs to be provided by the customer. Our resources will maintain e-folder with proper backup and arrangements for ensuring security and confidentiality of the data. The data is processed, accounted and results shared with you. This is cost effective since various arrangements including arrangements like resource sharing, infrastructure sharing can be explored.