Joint ventures are easier to unbundle than full organizational mergers. Joint Ventures are resorted to for projects which require / involve:

  • Heavy Capital Investment
  • High Risk
  • High End Technology
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Access to resources / Complementary assets or reserves
  • Market positioning and portfolio optimization
  • Regulatory requirement
  • Political sensitivity or energy security

The success of any Joint Venture / Collaboration is dependent on the clarity in the thought process which has gone into the initial agreement. Bizsolindia will understand the objective of the Joint Venture / Collaboration, facilitate the jotting down the crux of the understanding in a written agreement with deep insights into all the factors such as Sharing of resources, Legal aspects, Jurisdiction for Dispute Resolution, Compensation, etc. We support in clearly defining the commercial and rationale behind the Joint Venture / Collaboration, building the legal and commercial structure, managing and operating the same on ongoing basis and then incase the need arises, the dissolution.

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