World is truly flat – the globalization has instigated cross border investments, acquisitions, operations in different countries through branch offices, liaising offices, technology transfers, warehousing close to customers to meet their JIT requirements, secondment of staff, etc. This involves funds movement across the countries. The foreign exchange transactions in India are regulated under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and governed by the Reserve Bank of India. Various compliances of registration of agreements, return filing, periodical reporting, etc related to foreign exchanges transactions such as those mentioned hereunder need to be done:

  1. Foreign Direct Investment under Automatic / Approval Route through acquisition of shares, issue of new shares, transfer of existing shares, conversion to shares, issue of equity shares against Import of capital goods / machinery / equipment
  2. External commercial borrowings
  3. Payment for Technology Know-how, royalty, professional, technical services, import of raw materials, capital goods etc
  4. Remittance on winding up / liquidation of Companies, sale proceeds of assets
  5. Exports and Export Proceeds
  6. Branch and branch expenses, activities undertaken by Branch
  7. Liaising office and expenses thereto, activities undertaken by Branch
  8. Foreign Currency Account, Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account
  9. Other such compliances stipulated under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999

Bizsolindia’s expert team can provide support for complete solution comprising of advisory, obtaining necessary permissions, routine compliances, transaction audit, FEMA compliance Audit. We can also assist for obtaining necessary certifications. Through oversight if any non-compliance has happened, the FEMA Regulations provide for compounding provisions. This requires representation of the case matter in the right manner to facilitate the compounding process. Our legal experts with their profound experience will support you for these matters.