Article on “Economic Realities of Lockdown & Afterlife” by CS. Venkat R Venkitachalam, Chairman, Bizsolindia Services Pvt. Ltd. (May 2020)


The Afterlife – The economic landscape after the Lockdown

An exercise at Crystal Gazing – An attempt at predicting the post Lockdown life

One Size Does Not Fit All – Each business will have its own challenges and opportunities

The Day Our Lives Changed Forever – 25th March 2020

A Decisive Leadership in Action – Risky but bold decision by the Prime Minister

The Hangover of a Slowdown – The economy was already slowing down


The Chinese Miracle Economy is a Pariah – The world will not trust the Chinese any more

A World Gasping For Capital Infusion – Economies devastated by Covid-19

A Sense of Urgency to Address Inequalities in the Society – Natural fallout of the pandemic

International Business Will Be Loath to put All Eggs in One Basket – Once bitten twice shy

Matters of Health and Safety Would Become a Priority – A new reality

Value for Money Products Will be in Demand – Natural tendency after the pandemic

Digitalisation Would Pick up Speed – A phenomenon waiting to happen

Work from Home Even if it Does Not Replace Physical Office – Savings & Convenience

Huge Impetus to E-Commerce Business – Discovering new conveniences


Learn to Deal with Your Anxiety Neurosis – Anxiety set to become your constant companion

Realise that Cash Will Be King for Some Time to Come – Hold on to it like dear life

Conduct an Honest Reality Test of Your Business Situation – Avoid being self-delusional

Resist the Temptation to Withdraw Excess Capital from Business – Hope and not despair

Focus Relentlessly on Efficiencies in Business – Survival of the fittest will be the new norm

Above All Accept the New Realities of Life – Whatever has happened, has happened


Prioritise Health, Testing & Contact Tracing – the new normal for some time

Put Money in the Hands of Those With no Income – An imperative necessity

Provide Monetary Policy Support to The Financial Sector – RBI policies are already visible

Offer Fiscal Stimulus to Rebuild the Nation – No stimulus; no recovery

Quantitative Easing May Be the Only Way to Go for Now – Print money, if called for

Relook at Policies to Attract Capital to the Country – Every country will be doing this

Provide Incentives to Migrant Labour to Return – Wheels of the economy has to move


Rebalancing of Equations among all Stakeholders – A new reality of industrial life

Long Term Investments will be put on Hold – An inevitable consequence

Only Some Companies will be Lucky to Have an Afterlife – That is life

Payment of Wages During Lockdown Period – Be generous to the extent you can

Employee Engagement Initiatives Should be a Priority – They are worse off than you

Budgets Would Get Inevitably Revised Downwards – A natural outcome

Contract Labour will be the Order of the Day – Savings in costs will be the new mantra


Help Prevent A Recurrence Of The Epidemics – Round two will be disastrous if it happens

End of Predictability – Learn to live with constant uncertainty

Planned Spontaneity – An oxymoron whose time has come

Work Will Cease to Define a Person – Consequence of introspections during Lockdown

Expect Damages from an Interrupted Education System – Lasting damage to a generation


Time Our National Character also Changes with Focus on Health and Hygiene – This must be the biggest takeaway of the pandemic

It is also Time Our Conversations Turn to Population Explosion – We are paying a heavy price for not having given it the priority it deserves – It is High Time Inequalities in the Society Catch your Attention – No country can afford to have this much of inequalities of wealth and opportunities

Collective Memory of the World will associate China with Novel Corona and India with Hydroxychloroquine – It is time for India to rise again!



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