Outsourcing of non-core functions of the organization helps it to become leaner in the competitive environment. Need for outsourcing some of the business arises due to,

  • Cyclical Requirement for business needs
  • Support services for Finance / Accounts / Taxation
  • Support Services for non-core functions
  • Head count restriction
  • Retention Policies supporting Flexible work arrangements for Self Development & Training / Deputation to other locations / Maternity Leave
  • Time Gap Arrangements

Outsourcing brings some of the unique advantages on the table like,

  • Freeing up existing manpower for value added job
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Restricted liability related to long term contractual obligations
  • Maintain continuity in operational activities
  • Assists in Quick scaling of operations

We help clients streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance business efficiencies. We have extensive experience in executing business functions and processes as per local business environment. We assist organisations in following areas:

Accounting Services
Accountants are believed to be custodians for the company. It is business need that the Accountants should provide value added services to the business and need analytical approach in providing timely MIS to the management. This is possible only if your Core Accountants are relieved from their routine accounting operations. We function as Back Office support for the complete accounting functions. The services are custom designed to suit your services.
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Fixed Assets & Inventory Count and related support services like tagging, etc
The internal control and audit of any entity requires that the Fixed Assets and Inventories are appropriated tagged and counted. We have a strong support team who can facilitate this process.
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Compilation of workings for Various assessments
A typical manufacturing set up has more than 60 laws to comply with which include Central and State Tax Laws. The assessment period for various Taxes varies. Many a times, number of assessments crop up at the same time which creates huge crunch of resources. We can step in to support you in this period for as much time as you decide.
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Logistics Functions and related document processing
With the world getting smaller, the transaction volumes between inter countries are getting bigger. This requires a strong logistics function to be in place. We can provide complete support for setting up Logistics Department with skilled personnel for handling the Logistics functions.
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Legal documentation Processing / Vendor Agreements Drafting
Bizsolindia provides outsourcing services for the Legal Functions which facilitate mitigation of business and reputational risks. The services are provided through our Litigation Solution experts.
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Any other Support functions in commercial field including data entry services
You name it and we will do it!! The experience of our Senior Team is vast and enables us to provide support for various commercial functions to be undertaken by any organisation.
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