What We Do

Promoted by a group of professionals, Bizsolindia provides end-to-end solutions in all commercial matters and related software. Our expertise is available to our clients locally where and when they are needed. It is an organization driven by a team with rich and varied experience in all managerial disciplines concerning business. What makes Bizsolindia distinctive is the way we apply our knowledge to analyze and evolve innovative and practical solutions which can be benchmarked against measurable parameters in real time and flexible enough to meet the challenges of changing times.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Change is the only thing which is “Constant” in today’s environment. Businesses needs to continuously adopt to these changes to build in sustainability and growth. Our team with its prolific expertise and experience make this possible by understanding the expectation by deriving the right strategies.

Business setups in India

We are trusted partners over last 20 years supporting companies to do business in India. We devise strategies for deciding legal framework for Indian operations taking into consideration pros & cons of each framework. Our industry wide experience comes handy in providing end to end solutions for functioning under dynamic and federal structure of Union of India.

Audit & Assurance

The complexities of today’s business requires a robust PDCA framework (Plan – Do – Check – Act). Our Audit assurance services supports you on “Check” functionality to ensure that the processes and operations of the business are not only with in the tax & regulatory frame work but also safeguard the stake holder’s interest.

Taxes and Regulatory Framework

India comes with its unique Tax Structure which is continuously evolving. Over the past few years, measures have been taken to liberalize the tax and regulatory framework. Considering the complexities of the Central, State and local levies, the business transaction needs to undergo validation by experts having the local flavor. The multi-location presence across India gives us added advantage to structure the business transaction within the regulatory framework.

Foreign Trade Policy and Procedure

“Make in India” is the pride for every Indian. Foreign Trade Policy plays a significant part in India’s economic policies. The Government through its Foreign Trade Policy encourages the domestic industry to diversify and create niche in the global market. This obviously demands that the taxes are not exported. We support in aligning the business framework for achieving these objectives.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST is a Uniform taxation which will merge various Indirect Taxes like Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, CST etc. This is a game changer and will be overhauling of present Indirect Tax Mechanism in India. It is proposed that there will be “Dual GST” structure which will be complementing the federal structure in India. We partner in decoding the GST Law and more specifically undertake training, impact study, redefining business transaction etc.

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing of non-core functions of the organization helps it’s to become leaner in the competitive environment. Outsourcing brings some of the unique advantages on the table like,

  • Freeing up existing manpower for value added job
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Restricted liability related to long term contractual obligations
  • Maintain continuity in operational activities
  • Assists in Quick scaling of operations

We help clients streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance business efficiencies. We have extensive experience in executing business functions and processes as per local business environment.

Legal Services

It is important to know and crack puzzle of tax litigation and disputes under the Indian tax regime. The tax disputes comes with its various complicated matters e.g. appeals, writ options, judicial orders, revisionary powers, jurisdiction of courts, interpretations, etc. One should have insights on the recent trends in litigation and litigation practices, with particular reference to international transactions, transfer pricing and indirect taxes to strategies the line of action in the tax dispute. This helps to combat the challenge of tax litigations effectively and hence minimize risk to the business substantially.