Podcast on “Intellectual Property Rights” by Nidhi Nawal, Lead Legal, Bizsol Legal Services (July 2020)


In today’s competitive business environment, the competitive edge is solidly backed by it’s innovation. Now, innovation is a result of a creative mind which further gets hitched to the business, allowing it to offer innovative products and services to the marketplace. We can comfortably say that behind every successful business or a brand is a dent making in the universe innovation. The more innovative a product or a service is, the more the value it attracts. But, there is a challenge here. In today’s, changed business scenarios, doing business has become quite easy. And this is because of easy to access hardware & software resources, Human Resources, financial resources and all other resources which are needed to run a business responsibly.

Because of the ease of doing business, there is always a per cent of a chance that your creation might get stolen or copied or may be misused by someone else. Imagine you have created a unique product or a service which disrupted the entire industry, has got copied by someone else and they are doing it too. Maybe they found some loophole or bugs in your innovation and they filled it up and are selling it at a more cheaper price than yours. In short, your business has got affected majorly. So protection of this innovation is really important in today’s business environment.

Now you and I have this question, how can I protect my innovation from being stolen, copied or misused. Well, the answer is Intellectual Property and Rights related to it. And to help us with this I have with me a young and dynamic leader who has been helping the creative minds to protect their creations, she is also a Lead Legal of Bizsolindia Legal Services, and she is Nidhi Nawal,

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