Decoding the Labour Codes ( June 2021 )

We are happy to forward the accompanying booklet on the recently revamped legislation through a set of four labour codes. We at Bizsol, are convinced that these legislative measures will have far reaching impact on how we deal with labour in our industries and establishments. We are certain that this is the right time for us in business to reorganise ourselves to be prepared for the changes that these Codes are sure to usher in.

The new labour Codes are the most revolutionary changes that we have seen yet in the industry on all matters related to labour. Apart from bringing in an element of clarity to various aspects of labour law these Codes fulfills the government’s promise of ease of doing business. These Codes after having passed through the legislative process is now law. However, these will come into force on a date to be notified by the government. The draft of the Central Rules is ready and is now available in the public domain. The Central  Government is awaiting the necessary Rules to be framed by the States which has understandably got delayed on account of the pandemic. This situation in a way gives a window of opportunity to the industry to prepare itself to take full advantage of the new laws.

This compendium is articulated by our Chairman, CS Venkat R Venkitachalam, who has vast experience in the field.

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