‘Transformation of Bizsol’ by CA Manoj Behede, Director, Bizsolindia Services Pvt. Ltd.(January 2022)

It’s like a Dream come true for me. In 1997, it was a mea- gre beginning to provide all services under one stop re- lated to all laws. The idea was to provide all services under one umbrella and with a deep understanding of law and experience of operations, we could get associated with big Corporates. We started providing all services w.r.t laws such Customs, Foreign Trade Policy, Central Excise and Service tax and thereby giving a total package of Indirect taxes and Export Imports. Thereafter, we felt the vacuum faced by trade and industry between law concepts and im- plementation and we decided to bridge the gap by initiat- ing the outsourcing activity (KPO) on documentation and compliances with fiscal benefits and taking accountability.

We thus could implement the idea of “Concept to Com- pletion” under one umbrella as we dreamt of.

We, as a group feel proud to provide services from making strategic business decisions, restructuring of business, opinions for critical law matters, all advisory matter for all taxes, compliances, audit and assurance services, adjudi- cation matters, FOREX, Exim related activities, all regis- trations including patents and trademarks, inventory and asset verification, etc etc. Being a team of CA, CMA and CS Professional, we also carry out statutory audits, cost audits, company law compliances, tax audits, and Transfer pricing. Through various forums at appropriate levels, we represent to the statutory authorities addressing the trade grievances providing various suggestions and seeking the clarifications for interpretational issues in law. Our found- er has represented various associations viz ASSOCHAM, Nashik Chapter of Institute of Management Accountants, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India, All India Exporters Forum, Nasik EOU and STP Associa- tion, Export Promotional Council for SEZ and EOU and addressed issues of trade and industry and shared knowledge through seminars. He was also appointed as task force member for drafting SEZ Rules through Ministry of Commerce and also task force member for revamping EOU. We Bizsolites contributed more than 500 seminars on various subjects across India.

By introducing technology in the group, we also provided Software solutions for huge database management and automation of processes aligning with ERP of Clients through Bizsol IT divi- sion. We decided to expand our base in Financial services and thus Bizsol Financial Services (FOREX) was launched in 2014.

A major paradigm shift in Indirect taxes took place in 2017 with implementation of GST and due to thorough knowledge of Indirect taxes, we started understanding the concept of GST since the first draft was introduced in 2010 and later on from time to time as various drafts were released. Being early geared up with GST laws, we could implement GST by analyzing the im- pact and defining the process for a large number of corporates with our inbuilt professional team. We started to internally develop the tools for standardized tasks and successfully imple- mented the same to enhance the productivity and value addition to the client and still motivate the team for the same.

Recently, we initiated a segment wherein business of stone aggregates (Crushers) in unorga- nized sectors is being brought under organized sector by forming an apex society bringing them under one roof and carrying out transactions through such society across Maharashtra. We are geared up to plunge and expand into diversified areas.

This could not have been possible without a professional and operational team throughout. Starting with a 2 person company, we proudly stand today with a team of 375 Bizsolites, with more than 50 CA, CMA, CS, Law professionals. Though in initial phases, Nawalji and Me could cater and reach out to every client in each issue, however with expansion in client base and busi- ness, this was difficult and we introduced “TEAM LEADER” concept for each client to have a one point contact for the client for all issues backed by “Business Leader” for guidance, support and control. As we grew, we evolved our business processes, streamlined control mechanisms to ensure 100% compliances.

Since inception, we have ensured continuous training and updates for our team at all levels and shall continue to do so. A periodic Study Circle Meeting (SCM) has been arranged since last 12 years for analyzing critical issues in law and giving every member to present his views. This could not only lead to law updates but also develop presentation skills in Senior Bizsolites. With the Successful implementation of SCM in seniors, we initiated with the Junior SCM, thus pro- viding an opportunity of professional and personal development of the junior most Bizsolite.

To update our clients with continuous changes in law, we initially started with our monthly jour- nal in Panchvati Business Solutions and continued as “BIZSOL Update” in physical form. Later

on, it is being circulated in e-mode. With our motivation to the senior team, we could compile and publish the Update giving a varied exposure to the professional team. A thorough clause by clause Union Budget Analysis and seminar on the same immediately every year since our beginning helped to update our associates and create a cohesive and motivated bonded team. Recently, we have also started with circulation on Daily Digital Update and weekly flyers to keep our team and clients updated. We could stabilize the Team leaders by providing them with not only diverse professional opportunities but giving them a sense of belongingness and ownership through various partnerships and share in ownership under the BIZSOL Group and thus build- ing Entrepreneurship.

Looking forward, all Bizsolites shall strive hard to expand in all areas of Business Management and Law and have a recognition as Business Consultants in trade and industry, taking BIZSOL to new heights at National and International Level.


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